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I think it's all about the terms of the content providers. ....and maybe the international issue. Only the US has the DVD option, so as the service continues to expand internationally, the DVD portion of the website could get in the way of development. I've just seen regression of features since I began, though. I'd like a service that lets me manage a queue (or just a list?) of media, then lists the availability of each item from a variety of sources. Anything like this already out there?
I've been streaming Star Trek on my PS3 for several hours today, but it doesn't show previews when navigating forwards and backwards through an episode.
I think almost all TVs made 5 years from now will support 3D, which basically means that they will support 120hz. I have yet to see 3D that doesn't compromise on picture quality, though. My local movie theater, like most, uses a projector that alternates between left and right eye images (only Sony 4k projectors show both left and right simultaneously). It bothers me quite a bit. The silver screen needed for the polarized light means that the picture fades towards the edges. If an uncompromising 3D screen could be made, I would be interested.
Netflix chops the first couple of seasons of Doctor Who to 4:3 while Amazon has the original 16:9 version. I'd like to see a website that uses the Netflix api to compare my instant Queue to the titles available on Amazon Prime Instant.
The Wii interface is smoother than the PS3 one, but nothing can beat the PS3 in streaming quality, right? PS3 can stream everything in the highest quality available and also play any disc available from Netflix, so it is the best single Netflix device for my uses.
Not everything I want to watch is on instant, of course, but there is always something worth watching on instant. One DVD at a time covers anything not on instant for just a couple bucks more. The picture quality of instant is mixed but generally good. I've watched some titles on my PS3 in X-High HD that are very high quality. Dr Who, on the other hand, cropped the first 3 seasons to 4:3. The DVDs for Dr Who are pretty crappy too, though. I would like more subtitles, with a one button way to turn them on and off. Sometimes shows from the UK are hard to understand :-)
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Jan 23, 2011