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Here's the link for Canadians: Enjoy!
Toggle Commented May 13, 2012 on (Weekend) Update at The Online Photographer
Let me preface this by saying how honored I am for being featured here and for everyone's feedback. I understand that some are frustrated about not being able to see the photo clearly and that it is too dark. It is. Online at least! Typepad has compressed it and crushed the subtle dark tones to black, unfortunately. I don’t really know the solution to that. In fact, and maybe unfortunately, maybe the photo some are seeing is sufficiently different from the way I intended it to be shown, that you wouldn’t like the original! And I also lied (I am sorry, Mike). I haven’t printed this photo (or any other of mine that I have taken since I got into photography three years ago, bad bad bad, I know). I will print it, however, and see how it fares. Then I will attempt to learn how to print it properly. @Mike: I love this website and all that it has done for me. The latest being: I’ve realized that my work is quite pedestrian in the sense of being print-worthy. The other 10 photos I have taken since getting into photography, while pretty, are in my opinion fairly pedestrian when it comes to having the qualities required for being hung on anyone’s wall. I would want the print to say something about the owner, I would want observers to question it, be curious about it, to spark a discussion perhaps. For the most part, photos of nature don’t evoke that in me (which is practically most of my other photos). It’s a refreshing perspective I have gained through this, ahem, contest. Abdul
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Nov 21, 2011