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This is an interesting and wonderful post. I think that people need to realize that all spiritual work truly comes from within and that tools are just meant to help us connect a little easier... but no one should become dependent on the tool. I will say that I still see the process of cleansing and blessing the cards as relevant because all objects hold energy, whether they are man made or natural. But It may not be as important as one might like to think... but still I think it is very real. Do you still cleanse your cards from time to time?
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This is such an insightful post. I like this line a lot, "When someone pounds a particular drum in a repeated, public way, it's usually their own music that they're really trying to drown out." I actually believe the reverse is true too... when someone continually does something good for others maybe they are trying to achieve it personally too. Are healers seeking to be healed? Readers seeking clarity and understanding? I think sometimes we try too hard to be something that others want us to be or what others expect us to be, especially in the New Age community. Its not "enlightened" to be angry or sad or mad or negative. But really I believe that true spiritual advancement and connection comes from learning from each facet of your existence good and bad and then moving on. Its when we dwell on things that we get ourselves into trouble. Metaphorically speaking, you can love the night time, but if you stay their too long you will be wiped out and blank and the reverse if you stay in the daylight you will eventually burn up with too much light. Walk the middle ground. Befriend the shadow.
Janet, I was wondering if you could give me some advice, or even do a post on how to run a successful blog. For sometime now I have been doing a spiritual message as a weekly email to my clients and I started extending that to my facebook fan page and I used that as a blog of sorts for a bit and with the update of my website I decided to start a blog... now I am wanting more insight on how to manage it, how to keep it exciting and most of all how to make it a success. You have such wonderful insight... so if you have the time I look forward to what you have to say. All the Best! Shaheen
Wonderful!! I look forward to reading them when you have the time. I love checking to see your new post... I wont lie its one of my favorite past-times lol! Keep up the good work and congratulations on the Amazon Kindle situation! -Shaheen
Very good tips. You always have the best stuff to say!
I love this post too. You have such wonderful information on here. Do you think that you could do a post talking briefly about how to use the tarot for "meditation, contemplation, problem solving, brainstorming, spiritual nourishment, journaling, dialogue, creative writing, inspiration, affirmation and manifestation"? At some point :) All the best! Shaheen
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Ooh this is cool! Love the little ways that you girls keep things fun and interesting.
Toggle Commented Jan 12, 2011 on Tarot Acrostic at Tarot Gals
Wonderful insight Janet, I think its all about drive, organization and dedication. I feel like in the past I have wavered from my writing because its hard for me to stick to the schedule/ritual of writing. It would be wonderful to read a whole post on this topic. Maybe even tips for keeping focused or organized or to stay inspired. And let me pose the question... how can I sue tarot to help inspire, organize or outline my writing? Thanks for the wonderful information :) -Shaheen
This is amazing!
Toggle Commented Jan 12, 2011 on One Word Tarot at Tarot Gals
This is a wonderful post... as are the others. Can I ask for a little advice on putting together ideas for writing a book. How do you stay organized and focused? Thanks, Shaheen
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Jan 11, 2011