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I actually started writing it out. I was sort of inspired by the idea of mind mapping... I have been thinking about using it as a spread, but creating questions to prompt more information throughout the layout.
This is another wonderful post. Getting an ace in a reading is such a wonderful gift because it shows us that new energy is available to us. I think that For me I am working on all 4 of the aces right now. The ace of wands is important because I am beginning to explore my writing, drawing and creativity more and trying to find the ways in which that applies to my life and what I am doing... I am trying to express my perspective to others now. The ace of cups is so important to me because I must maintain an emotional/spiritual/intuitive connection throughout whatever I am doing in my life. It's difficult to maintain this connection when things start to become chaotic, but its a true practice of grounding and centering into my spirit. The ace of swords is completely relevant right now because I am cutting away negativity from my life, my body, my mind and spirit... in so many ways. It has been a powerful process and I am constantly calling on Archangel Michael to come and take away all of these negative connections. And the ace of pentacles is relevant to me because it speaks of my independence and freedom. I am seeking ways to be financially stable and still keep all of the other aces in balance. I am learning to manifest in so many powerful ways now... and thats the essence of this card. I really love this information and this is really helpful to me because I am putting together lessons so that I can teach a few classes on tarot... this will be part of my inspiration! Also, I feel like you may enjoy this post I made on my blog because it really goes along with this post! All the best! Shaheen
Toggle Commented Mar 19, 2011 on Aces of Tarot at Janet Boyer Creates
I cannot wait to get this deck!
Always so insightful. Love this. I actually started coming up with a process similar to the ABC method, in which you Identify the "vampires" in your life, mapping out, what they are, what sired them, what their silver bullet may be, etc... I talk a lot about energetic cords with my clients and how important it is to know where our energy is being invested and how we can gain control over that. A great card and a great post!
This is wonderful information Janet. I think if you had time you could do an even more elaborate post and give more tips on how to use these tools. I think I can really benefit from this information because I am still very new here on the web when it comes to my business. is now following The Typepad Team
Mar 2, 2011