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@devinkay - Hon, sorry, but Lisa will NEVER answer your question because she CANNOT answer it truthfully without conceding her stance on the subject is wrong, fulled by self-loathing and fear. As long as she can stick to the "No True Scotsman" defense, she can continue to believe her hatred is an honest justified opinion based in her version of facts. ACTUAL facts consistantly defy her viewpoint and she must therefore ignore their existance completely or intentionally misinterptert them to support her worldview. A reasonable person adapts their worldiew to the established facts and evidence that shows the world as it is. An unreasonable person tries to twist and distort the facts and evidence to justify and conform to their worldview. And Lisa Thompson is very much an unreasonable person, as are most of TS-Si's contributors and supporters.
My last comment on the original T-Si blog piece was censored. Supposedly for a TOS violation. Which I'm confidant I did not even come close to. I DID however thoroughly trump all oif Josephine and Evangelina's arguments by pointing out how eerily like Peter LaBarbera they sound when using the "My bigotry isn't really bigotry because I'm only attacking the sin, not the homosexual" type of argument. The supposedly offending comment was also nowhere NEAR the level of crass, aggressive, swearing-laced or blatantly derogatory as many of the comments that remain uncensored. I can only assume the Site owner realized that I had made a point they could not defend against, and had to censor me or admit that she violated HER OWN Terms of service by allowing that bile to be published on her site to begin with. Tsk tsk. I don't censor comments I don't like. Proof is as easy to find as simply reading most of the comments Jezebel left on my blog on certain entries. Only a coward who knows their position is indefensible censors those who outargue them rather than let the winning argument be seen. Apparently on T-Si, outdebating an indefensible opinion is a violation of their Terms of Service. They just lost the last thread of respect I once had for them before they greenlit Josephine's hateful elitist bile in the first place.
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May 1, 2010