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It'll be interesting to see how the market (ie: consumers) react to the $399 starting price of the iPad mini retina. It's the first time, from what I can remember, that Apple has raised the price of an iDevice when adding retina capability.
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I have no issue with Apple trying to inflict a world of hurt on Samsung so long as it doesn't hurt Apple in the process (ie: not able to source enough components).
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Wonderful. Now I have to figure out how I'm gonna save up for a Ferrari. There goes my retirement planning. :)
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I guess it's safe to say that if this product ever comes to fruition, Apple won't be getting Lance Armstrong to endorse it.
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This is interesting. When iFixit did a tear-down of the iPad mini, it had a Samsung display panel in it. So Samsung must be making some of the displays. This is one area where Apple needs Samsung.
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Nov 14, 2012