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I feel like there's a hanging "so what" with this chart. It'd be much more interesting if we could correlate something (either your metric or simply the % who feel strongly) to: - % who think Britain should stay - years of membership in the EU - extent of trade with Britain - size of country - attitudes to Britain - etc. to address some of the explanations hinted at in the body of the article. And, a complete aside, I quite like the way the original chart handles the overlapping dot for Greece.
Toggle Commented Sep 9, 2016 on Graphical inequity ruins the chart at Junk Charts
I guess it depends on the purpose. The table is best if we want to look up exact numbers, but I'm not sure it's the clearest way to show the pattern. I completely agree with you about in-cell charting, but would there be anything wrong with a scatter plot treatment? Super-quick sketch here
Removing the data altogether does seem odd. Why not model the interactions with smoking and disease?
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Jun 6, 2013