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I can't believe no one has said Jordan Catalano from My So-Called Life. I'm 36 and for most women (and some men) in my generation he is the epitome of what you call a SSBB. See also, later Veronica Mars' Logan Echolls, who must be a subtype - Secretly Deep Rich Boy. I know those are both TV rom-com, not film, but they seem such a perfect match.
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For an adventure/romance, how about Out of Sight? Here's the trunk scene where Clooney's character asks, "What if we met under different circumstances?": My wife and I joke we'd be the world's worst rom-com - no conflict, almost laughably so. But we are ridiculously happy and do place some significance on the fact that we had three very different groups of mutual friends for a number of years before we ever met. I don't know that it was inevitable, but I'm glad it didn't happen until we were both grown up enough not to look for reasons to screw it up.
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