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Shan Burton
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Sounds like a good week - lots of potential and progress. Of the stories, I think Ghost in the Machine might be my early favorite. Good luck narrowing it down!
Toggle Commented Feb 28, 2018 on ROW80-1 -25/2/18 -Choices at Raven's View
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Sounds like a lovely time in Toronto, if a cold one. We've had frost one night, so far, but today was warmish. My count's not quite where I want it yet, either...but I have three write-ins scheduled this weekend, so I expect that may change soon. Hopefully, the time spent with your game will get your imagination going! =D
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You're making great progress here, Mike! I'm diving into discovering my NaNo MC and her story, too. Tis the season! Enjoy Toronto! =D
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Nice progress, Mike! I'm still working through the planning stages of my NaNo, but it's been in my head for decades, so no panic, and the ideas are really popping now. I think I'm finding my hook, too - but not willing to talk about that quite yet...might get in the way of the work. Hooray for doing better, and the grandkids! =D
Toggle Commented Oct 21, 2017 on ROW80-4 -19/10/17 -The Hook at Raven's View
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There's a lot of good here, Mike! I, too,found several things, like exercise, sidelined by NaNo (and the lack of a car for a few weeks). Maybe the story will evolve while it's waiting, and you'll like it better when you see it again. I read Jane Eyre (and Wuthering Heights, in a Bronte marathon), in my early 20s, when I had a roommate who collected classics. I reread it a few years later, and liked it enough to get my own copy... May your holidays be beautiful and delightful!
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Very awesome! I am quite inspired. I lift my coffee mug to you in salute! =D
Toggle Commented Oct 22, 2013 on ROW80-4 - 10/20 - Published! at Raven's View
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Mike, I always love reading how you blend your social and writing lives. May you reach Friday with those editing goals behind you! :)
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Julie - You laid yourself bare here, and I honor your courage and strength. I am sending along a heaping armload of joyful health! It has been an amazing experience getting to know you better in this way over the past weeks.
Mike - I don't know what I was expecting, but I know it was not that witty little flight of fancy! Jim and I would love to invite Siri home with us. Our kids are not grown, though, and our one income affords us pay as we go luxury. You brought me Siri for free! And, tomorrow, I plan to make good use of that plan, too!
Toggle Commented Feb 10, 2012 on One Small Story in Seven Acts at Raven's View
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