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Yes. its a damn shame that people value stuff and status over personal achievements. I just feel sad for them. My husband happens to be one of those people. Every now and then i need to call his attention and say, hey look at all the good in our lives! money isn't everything and people need to learn that. Don't let them bring you down melanie. you're doing a good job!
Toggle Commented Jan 10, 2016 on My Existence Is Valid. at Smellyann Strikes Again
How is this even a question??? That last picture is perfect.
i don't know you in real life BUT i think it is great that you would try to solve a problem (if you felt you had one) instead of letting it go without being addressed. I don't know who would want to have mental problems (not fun btw), but i think it is smart on your part to try to identify exactly what you are feeling. kudos for trying!
Toggle Commented Dec 18, 2014 on I Know This Much Is True at Smellyann Strikes Again
I am so glad things are looking up for you!
this year my sister couldn't go trick or treating, so it started off really lame. then on top of that, my and my husband were very tired. our apartments were doing a kind of kick off thing, so we did that, then just around the corner there was a church doing a carnival sort of thing. so we did some stuff there, then it was back home...we live in apartments, so no trick or treaters for us...then back home to clean up, a couple of drinks for daddy and me, then greys night was pretty cool.
i have a son who GREATLY LOVES all things girl, i paint his nails on a weekly basis, if boys like girl stuff i have no problem with it, and vise versa for girls... i just don't really like the people who say they HAVE to be a certain and my husband have actually gotten into arguments with NEIGHBORS who are pissed off about MY son doing whatever... its none of their business...i am not going to stop my son from being happy.
i have tried the chicken burritos, and i think that they are really good. i like how they use good ingredients. it tastes like if i were to sit there and cook everything...except the chicken...i cant make chicken that tasty. whether i win or not, i will probably try the shredded beef burritos next. btw, the link up top doesn't work :)
my grama always says to me, you pluck a chicken, you tweeze your eyebrows :)
i know that me and my husband get into deep discussions about raising kids... giving our kids the parenting that was missing from us. taking the good from our childhood, and trying not to mix in so much of the bad. My mom was also one to say "well i'm sorry for the way i raised and treated you" i smile and ask Why. Why...because it gave me the tools to be a good mom to MY kids, had she never done whatever, how would I know that it was the right/wrong thing to do... and as far as Robbys birthday...celebrate it! because even though he was only alive for a little bit, it was still great, and greatness deserves to be celebrated :)
I agree what a great giveaway! thank you for the opportunity to enter :)
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i couldn't find the jasmine slippers anywhere... can someone point me in the right direction?
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well. thats awesome. its so funny how we...and by we i mean me... never grow out of some childish the fans...i totally do that...and did that just last saturday. I actually had one of the suncatcher thingys...the sun. but it was small. so pretty. did the dirt babies grow any? kinda curious about that...
i like your #2 answer. :) i also feel that way, thanks for putting it into words
my sister, even before my husband...ok well that doesn't count, anything newsworthy is usually happening with anthony...
and i was wondering where you were going with the whole alarm going off thing. lol. i really just wanted to say that i enjoyed this post...strike throughs the most...
Toggle Commented Feb 3, 2012 on Friday Fragments at Smellyann Strikes Again
I DID IT! thank you so much.
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ok, awesome!
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My question is, is there anything else there besides the fabric and metal. am i supposed to have a pad there or something.
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i couldn't imagine how i would have dealt with something like that. At least you had him in your life :) btw i loved this post!
Toggle Commented Jan 12, 2012 on The Dad I Sort Of Had at Smellyann Strikes Again
their eyes. their eyes are still very much the same. I also had the same problem with my anavay, baby pictures looked so much like her cousin...until you look at the eyes, the shape the color, I love the toddler pics btw!
my son atreyu is left handed, i agree with you that its hard, writing, cutting, shoe tying... all hard to teach when you are right handed...
I am so glad about your hubby. I hate migraines. I would also trade a stomachache for a migraine any day. my dream car is a car that runs on music, any make or model, but if i had a legitimate reason to belt out adele or kelly clarkson, i would totally buy that car! but since that doesn't exist, i would like a plymouth voyager or a toyota camry...i like political cartoons. :)
Toggle Commented Nov 18, 2011 on Friday Fragments at Smellyann Strikes Again
well i have been watching, hoping he's gonna be alright. sharing is ok, its a way of coping with the pressure. i am not big on praying, but i will hope real hard for everything to come out right.
Toggle Commented Nov 11, 2011 on Friday Fragments at Smellyann Strikes Again
your cartoon about the snacks is hilarious! and yes i gave you an internet high five.
Toggle Commented Jun 13, 2011 on Family Meeting, The First at Smellyann Strikes Again
Well then...not a waste! :)