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I developed a rule that if I have to do something more than three times, I make a jig to speed it up. Besides, it's almost always better to mark and gauge rather than measure. Every time you make a measurement, you introduce measurement error and the chance of a significant mistake. With the jig, you get it right once and you're done.
I think this yet another instances of leftists hijacking long established institutions in order to use the prestige of the institution' to advance their own political goals. We see this most clearly in academia but it also occurs in the media, unions, charity groups and private foundations. The VFW in just the latest in a long line of hijacked institutions. The normal pattern is for the leftists hijacking to lead to the destruction of the public's trust in those institutions which eventually leads to the destruction of at least the institution's moral authority. Fortunately, in this case, the VFW seems to have moved aggressively to resist the hijacking. It is to bad other institutions cannot do the same.
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These are WIG (Wing In Ground) effect planes. They use a cushion of air that builds up under the plane when it is close to the ground. Flying that way, a plane can have double or triple the range it has at altitude. Back before WWII, sea planes used it to cross vast distances. If the weather got rough, they would pop up to altitude. The Soviet Era Ekranoplan used the same idea on a huge scale. These appear to be knock-offs of a post-WWII design by Doeneir, Their payload would be very small, probably not enough to damage even a merchant ship. The biggest problem would be that they are to slow for our anti-aircraft weapons to track. The Iranians did have some success back in the 1980s with using civilian speed boats to attack Iraqi and Kuwaiti tankers. It caught the Navy by surprise but they responded by equipping ships with light arms and fast helicopters with light machine guns and rockets. Those assets are still in place and could be used against the WIGs as well.
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A minor point. When I talked about a "caste of killers" I did not have in mind the citizen soldier but rather the elitist, hereditary warriors who abrogate the power of violence to themselves and only themselves. These are warriors who use their martial skills primarily against their own populations in order to maintain their own status and power. Such warriors are simply parasites. The citizen soldier is a different creature altogether even the lifelong professional. Citizen soldiers are needed to fight the remaining parasite warriors. They project their violence outward from the society they protect. The citizen soldier creates a bubble of non-violence in which the productive elements can create. But it is still true that the soldier is the source of the power of the state. People obey the state because if they do not, ultimately soldiers loyal to the state will come kill them. My special contempt is for those who exploit the power that the loyal solider grants them while at the same sneering at those same soldiers and claiming they are to moral to engage in the actions that creates the power they so covet. My complaint is that we have a culture based on the veneration of the parasite warrior and contempt for the parasites host.
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