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If you're keeping the husband, I suppose I'll have to keep mine as well. No one else has offered a trade...LOL The dogs, while temping, would upset my nancy boy, overweight, barks at scary bunnies and mice dog; they might interfere with is VERY IMPORTANT job of keeping the floor down; I'm convinced that he's not lazy, just terribly afraid that if he gets up, the floor will, indeed, float away. You see, he is the ONLY thing keeping that darn floor from wandering away. He's very good at his job...LOL Love the art idea for the salad spinners, now I'm tempted to go out and get one of my own.
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I've been passionate about having a baby as long as I can remember. I've had a lot of names that I was SURE I was going to use, but the list changed constantly. When I found out I was pregnant with Jacob, but before we knew his sex, we pretty much settled on names: If it was a boy, his name was originally going to be Connor Joseph (Connor to honor my father, Cy, who passed away about 3 years before I got pregnant and Joseph b/c it's my husband's middle name); we had actually picked out this name as soon as we started trying to get pregnant. Unfortunately, after sharing with a bunch of our mutual friends, TJ's oldest friend's wife got pregnant about a year before we finally conceived, and when they found out they were having a boy, they named him Connor Joseph. Man I was pissed!!! So we changed our name choice to Cooper James (Cooper still honored my father and James is TJ's dad's name). If we had a girl, I really wanted to name her Olivia, but TJ HATED the name. He was adament about it. He liked Hayley or Alexis, I wanted Sage Dorothy (Sage just b/c I like it and it was a little different, but not TOO different and Dorothy was the name of TJ's deceased grandmother). We never really settled on a girl name. When we found out we were having a boy, I thought, 'great, we won't have to struggle with picking a girl name, and we're settled on the boy's name'. I started telling people, that day, that we were naming our son Cooper James. We travelled to Detroit after the US (we were living in Kalamazoo at the time) to spend a long weekend with our families. The next morning we were driving to pick up some parts for our shop (It's funny how I remember the exact circumstances)and he dropped the bomb on me..."I don't want to name the baby Cooper," he tells me. "I really don't like it." What the hell?!?! We had been settled on this name for months. After a short arguement, we started talking about other names. Oddly enough, we decided on a name in less than five minutes and neither name was one that was even in the running when we discussed names originally. In TJ's family there is a fairly new (two, now three generations) tradition of using the same initials for the men in the family. Dad's name is James Robert Dwire, my BIL, the oldest son, is John Robert and Jacob is our oldest son and we decided on Jacob Ryan. Wow, that was a REALLY long post. Sorry, I guess I, too, am feeling a little verbose tonight. :)
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This made me laugh out loud, but like the pp said, it was also sad at the same time. It is nice to see that you have a sense of humor about things like this. I guess you have to, though. Good luck. If it doesn't work, lets talk trade: my hubby is a good provider, great sense of humor, but way too driven...he works 8 days a week, it seems, and is never home. Great dad when he is here, though!!!!
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Tertia, Reading this blog makes me feel like I'm knowing you more and more all the time. The fact that you are able to hold yourself so open to the world for us all to see and judge (that would be the unfeeling people out there - the ones who judge you) I haven't lost a child and I can't even imagine what the pain is like, so while I can't say that I understand what you go through, I do sympathize with you. Your courage has inspired me to start my own blog (both you and Dooce, actually) to discuss life with my little one in a small rural town. I thank you for that. Of course I don't have the readership you do, but I'm not you...LOL Thanks again for being there and for giving us all a little window into your are such a brave and strong woman. God bless you!
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Glad to hear that everything went well with the vag cam and that the mirena is finally out in the world where it belongs and not up there annoying your uterus. Susan certainly is a stubborn little cyst, isn't she? As for Marko's comment, I agree with some of the previous posters...if he's really that worried, then a little snip-snip is probably a good idea... My DH is the same way when we talk about having more than two. Here's hoping the bc pills take care of Susan for you.
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I usually keep my IM client on invisible and send messages to the people I want to chat with to let them know I am online, just invisible. I don't know if I ever actually ask if someone has time to chat, but I usually do start with what are you doing or what are you up to; that, I think, gives them a chance to tell me if they are too busy to chat. My biggest pet peeve with IM chatting, and this may be specific to just one or two of the clients, is when I am suddenly busy with no warning, like when J wakes up from a nap really pissy or some other, usually J related, emergency, and the person I've been talking to uses the BUZZ feature to try to figure out where I am and why I not answering; not just once, but multiple times. Nothing makes me, anyway.
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This is my first time commenting. I discovered the site from a link of favorites on I think it was a incredibly brave thing for you and your sister to address your personal issues with each other due to your infertility and Melanie's "super-fertility". Both letters were touching and heartfelt and they brought tears to my eyes. I'm so glad that you came out the other side, and have your beautiful Kate and Adam. My heart breaks for you for all the loss you've experienced. I'm dealing with my own issues with fertility. It seems that we are experiencing seconday infertility and it's hard to deal with when almost every one of our friends is newly pregnant or about to deliver. Thank you for sharing your life with us.
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