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he gambled on an idea. it failed. no ones saying the ceo of dish needs to go because of his ego with AMC. its a great service.
when they do get the hunger games it wont be til November at the earliest.
as a comcast subscriber i fully agree with him. it's 20 bucks a month. it was 16 but they raised prices twice last year. we pay good money to watch hbo , let us use hbogo.
dont forget to pay the family. family will cut you off quicker than cable. :)
yeah i've been bummed as a comcast customer and a roku owner. my feeling is they have an arrangement with Microsoft for xbox live because they keep telling me that the device that i can watch it on.
indie like sony pictures classics and fox searchlight and focus? because all those go to starz and hbo since they have the right to those but 3/4 of new movies on netflix are true indie and or exploitation. and didn't they just sign several movies from TWC?. so i doubt it.
nice to see them give no props to warner brothers and to starz. and a nice little dig at starz by using 3/4 of the titles that are coming to netflix are epix titles. saying hello to the new lover while the old one leaves you . nice.
if i have one resolution for netflix it would be for the consumer to stop thinking that netflix streaming is the be all to end all. it's a network. like fox , cbs , tnt , usa , hbo , showtime. movies are going to come and go. they are going to get some good ones and bad ones. they are going to get good prints and bad prints. the only reason i signed up for netflix 2 years ago was for the streaming. i do have problems with the service like the new release section should rotate better. older titles that just came on should get a section. but outside of that it still a great service.
i would like to see them go back to the by studio option. it was easy to find a title.
my hbo has gone up 4$ in the last year to 20$ a month and i watched two of my favorite shows , curb and bored to death. both were around 16 episodes together thats 8 hours since both run 30 minutes. i'm getting a good deal.
my feeling on why starz pulled it is that iis out on DVD or coming out on DVD and i'm sure they want fans to go and and buy it.
i didn't have problems Saturday night but i had problems Sunday night i also have hulu and had a problem with them and rebooted my roku. still had a netflix problem but not with hulu but by then the walking dead was on and i watched that instead.
ive had netflix for a year and a half now and i watched spartacus and maybe a movie here in there from starz but i signed up to starz over the summer to watch torchwood got a good deal and i kept it on for a few weeks after the series ended and canceled starz because nothing was on. i have a feeling that come march of next year , starz wil be missing netflix.
it a great service. much better than blockbuster. i had a big problem with blockbuster on demand over the weekend and will not be using them anytime soon. love netflix.
couldnt get on the site but was working fine on my roku.
i watched crackle last night til my roku froze up on me half way through. then i went to netflix there was a problem on the site but i could access everything from my roku with no problem.
its in my que and will watch it when i get through the other 49 shows on my list. also netflix put up torchwood miracle day. the have it listed under season one but should be season 4.
i have been on the streaming only plan this month and im ready to go back to both. i ordered up a movie the other night and it was 6$ for 2 $ more i can get at least 4 more in a month.
i got on netflix last night and it said that i couldn't aces the site. it happens , so i get out and go to hulu for a bit and come back. works fine. :)
mad men comes at the end of the month. wonder years was mentioned in the fox deal. they never gave a date when it would pop up.
i see that it is on the site but you cant put it into the instant que.
it's fine . i have been thinking about just doing streaming only since if there is a new title you have to get it in either monday or tues to get that flick or you have to wait a long time. if i want to see a new flick i'll either watch a cropped 6 ppv movie or a wide screen amazon ppv title.
i had some in the afternoon on my roku but if i have a problem i just go over to hulu plus and i watch some family guy. i think its time for a roku update.
it happen to me today. was watching torchwood then went to do something , came back and when to look it up it said unavailable. went and watched something else.
yeah comcast had the same exact thing up on their facebook page yesterday. woo. i get just those movies and pay double?. where do i sign up. :)