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Shaon Williams
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My problem is that they increased the price significantly and gave us nothing in return. Now they loose Starz which actually gives us LESS. So in response I give them less of my money. I downgraded to streaming only now, and I will get disks from redbox.
I am going from 2+BluRay to streaming only with redbox and the internet as my alternative.
@Frank, To justify the cost of going with a Blu-Ray plan I would have to get 6 Blu-Ray a month to equal the cost of redbox rentals of Blu-Ray at 1.50 a day. Not to mention with RedBox I do not HAVE to do 6. I have 2 redbox kiosks within 1 mile of my house
I am very likely to go with streaming only and redbox for my DVD / Blu-Ray. No matter how I look at it the price hike is to ridiculously high to justify the cost...I think... I still have some calculations to do, but at 9.99 for one out at a time? Not sure I can justify the cost.
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Jul 13, 2011