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S.F. Bay Area
Founder, Exec.Dir Shaping Youth; a nonprofit org focusing on media & marketing's impact on kids (good, bad, & ugly!)
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Love the title of your blog post Jon...I envision a cacophony of sound springing from the pages in augmented reality style! (hey, I wouldn't put it past some of the future visions in this collaborative crowd) Proud to be a part of it once again, for year 3; can't wait to see how the team convo takes shape this round. Best, Amy Jussel
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Thank you once again for your tireless leadership Gavin & Drew! Multiple posts forthcoming, as always I look forward to learning from this terrific team of co-authors... Quick question: Is there also an alphabetical listing of authors/fast glance way to scan TOC? (biggest feedback on AOC2 from our NextNow Collaboratory peeps was the need to streamline sourcing of names/authors and/or content/focus areas for the 'why to buy') Excited to be a part of it once again, woohoo---threepeat for me--3rd time's a charm; by now "let's get busy" has taken on a new dimension at our nonprofit! Appreciatively, Amy
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Well done, Gavin! This will be a great primer to uncork media literacy convos w/kids too; as always, thanks for distilling info nuggets into digestible, curated fare. p.s. Will share w/pals at the Program for the Future CoLAB March 3; oblige
Toggle Commented Feb 24, 2010 on Videos that Explain Social Media at Servant of Chaos
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Participatory. Collaborative. Cool peeps. Crowdsourced. And all for charity? Year3 #AOC Ho!
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I should add that posts like this seem to fall into the "boosting our collective intelligence" concept a la Doug Engelbart's knowledge IQ for humanity. ;-) And yah, for the record, when I do gratis conferences/speaking gigs (like Brian Reich's AHA panel awhile back; donating time/service to the foundation but they pick up travel expenses) I still disclose any/all to my readers, even if I only know the blog subject tangentially, etc. Better safe than, 'targeted'... ;-)
Big diff. btwn. product placement, product integration, sponsorship and 'payola'...I'll be writing about this as part of the FCC consortium soon on Shaping Youth (prior prequel here: Like you said, how far do you take it? Brett Favre is playing in pink cleats for breast cancer awareness for Mon. nt. football; is that product placement? Is cause-marketing exempt? Were you paid by Air NZ to blog about THEM? Big diff...
Hi Derek...Amy Jussel here (everyone makes the 'e' typo, I think it's that actor by the 'e' name, George was it?) I wanted to thank you profusely for posting this, for as you can see by the time stamp, I'm only just NOW seeing it in my overloaded inbox (thus the prob & dire need for virtual assts--S.O.S.!) Just got off the phone with @mindofandre back east who had posted this for me too, and he's going to lend a hand with a couple of things himself on the outreach side, woohoo! Meanwhile, I'm going to start sourcing at Academy of Art College (due to their digital/film/adv. divisions) and maybe Jessica's firm to see what I can come up with. Really would like someone building a portfolio and eager to contribute/play/learn in this youth sphere. Thanks so much again for this; job(s) are still wide open! Oblige, Amy
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