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Nancy, quick note for some clarity, as I'm out of the country w/limited internet access. 1.) I'm a kamaaina (lived in the islands a lonnnng time) vs a Hawaiian native (born/raised) and as you rightfully point out, certainly not a Native Hawaiian. 2.) Great post/points about cultural context, sports teams and the evolution of reactions/solidarity/protests over time vs initial branding onset 3.) Wanted to remind all that I did have a solid response from Ramin Bastani making note of some conversations they're having to find a path towards collaborative compromise so I prefer not to derail any progress they might be making. 4.) I also received lengthy responses (22 pg pdf etc.) from those lobbying for a name change, so have asked in the comments section that all please post publicly for everyone's edification (vs email) as I don't want to get in a tug-o-war for mindshare and prefer collective knowledge gain.
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Very respectfully written letter, Derek, to simply raise hand high with the "what about the boys" question, which I ask often too: Also pointing to a couple more solid resources in this convo to put on the 'don't miss' media list: (filmmaker/advocate/social critic) (boys, masculinity & gender stereotypes) (particularly the masculinity/bullying section: Thanks for speaking up and reaching out!
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Ok, I speak the truth: this is brilliantly poetic, intelligent and perfectly timed, Gavin...With Prevention of Violence Against Women week in Canada and USA's Nat'l Sexual Violence Resource Ctr declaring April for awareness raising. (Not sure if that was intentional but so be it) We *must* start connecting the dots between desensitization/social norming and depicting women as dead or expendable w/scads of murder/mayhem in media...From Kanye's horrific 'hang 'em from the ceiling, eat dinner w/corpses on the table' music video to the objectification/slashing of body parts into slice-n-dice 'kill off the heroine' under the guise of entertainment in gaming, films, etc) ...It takes a societal toll on the psyches of our youth. Further blurring the lines of 'art/media' and reality, UN stats on the global phenom of violence against women reinforce your "it's time to stop" premise too: Sure couldn't hurt to find a new theme...sigh.
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Thanks for this Derek, will link it to the one I just wrote yesterday w/the freebie Media Awareness Network media literacy plan and the 'deconstructing the Oscar ads' free classroom pdfs! I plan to do a Shaping Youth follow up, as I'm curious how many people will be watching/interacting online via Twitter, FB, or using one of the Oscar apps like Mashable highlighted: There's a huge focus on 'youth' this year (from host to media monitoring, so am fascinated by the digital/behavioral aspects to connect the dots. Ping me if you find some research or want to crosspost and collaborate on same.
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yep, I don't see the TEDWomen platform as an either/or but more of an 'in addition to'. I've been a bit surprised by all of the TEDWomen snark about 'segregation of stages' and tossing the gals a bone/why can't it be gender blind, etc. because like race, it simply isn't so. Imbalance exists on the main stage, and to pretend it doesn't (like pretending one is colorblind to race differences) is inauthentic. BUT..."The Girl Effect" definitely is in play when it comes to issues-based advocacy and subject matter that all too often gets thrown under the bus in co-ed global environs; so I heartily embrace having leaders at BOTH venues, big time. (more on GEffect rationale here:) I agree w/you, it's too bad we didn't get there quicker from the get go...but at least the balance is being addressed and (hopefully) corrected. We'll see how it all unfolds on stage down the line. Love these 'roundups' of highlights, btw! :-)
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One line memes like this can offer a great snapshot of goodness. I just attended the Bkly premiere of Visions of a Universal Humanity last eve at the David Brower Ctr w/the mother of memes speaking (BMH)& it was truly "Inspiration Found!" Congrats DK and thx for this Derek. :-)
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Cool find, Derek...Can't believe that was dated '07; yowza. Best edification and demo I've seen yet, tho I thought the Esquire Magazine AR demo was a great blend of 'old media meets new' too: Thx so much for this; gonna plop it on my FB feed...very cool indeed. HNY, btw! Thanks for all your great insights.
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