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Big brother LOVES to go to the playground. He's been to museums, the zoo, the aquarium, etc. but any time you ask him what he wants to do that day, it's always to go to the playground. Thankfully we live in a city with enough parks to keep it interesting, which works out for me as I'm seven months pregnant and can just watch while he plays. Well I say it works out but only until we drive by a playground or indoor play place (Curse you McDonald's! Lol) we cannot stop at or we accidentally slip up and say the p-word on a day we are not going to go to one.
Toggle Commented Aug 19, 2014 on Riding in Cars, Kissing Farm Animals at Mommy Shorts
I'm expecting my first child this October and this post made me consider something I hadn't even thought about yet. I definitely want to be careful with what I let her get attached to. Thanks for this. As for your contest, if I won I would get my little girl the ballerina mouse blanket, the organic farm gift set-ballerina mouse, and the patterned bunnies bunny in the blue forest print.
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Aug 13, 2014