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My daughter is 14 and eats only the following food: Rice, ramen, meatball sub sandwiches, beef & corn taquitos, roasted chicken, doritos and chocolate. I make her take a vitamin every day and I limit her to one cup of rice and one package of ramen a day or else that is all she would eat. She has rarely eaten vegetables and little fruit except for strawberries dipped in brown sugar and sourcream. Nevertheless, she is a healthy girl, who could stand to gain ten pounds. I have spent many, many hours agonizing, worrying, pushing, and yelling over this issue. All for naught! They'll eat what they want. All you can do is provide a meal. My daughter can now cook for herself but when she was little, I presented the food and that was all that was available along with healthy snacks in a box in the fridge. She survived. Kate and Adam will too! Save yourself the angst!
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