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Sanjeev Sharma
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I am his disciple & I know that in more than 3 decades of my association with his mission, they have never asked for money. Sprituality is not everybody cup of tea. Masters have said that if they kept a doctor,a accountant & a lawyer, the world would stop at their gates & take the advise of the three & go. Everybody knows the body is not for ever & the sooner we realise it the better we are. You need to have great depths to understand the words of a Master. If you are going to a Master to find answers to your illness,a car or a property you are probably going there for wrong reasons.... Did this man expected miracle that his father would live 500 years if he went & asked about the illness. He should have known that we all are sitting on a time bomb which may bring us near to our death anytime anywhere. A Master makes us realise it to us sooner & put us to path of God , No where Sant Rajinder Singhji has said any time he is saint or living God. It is a matter of faith either one has it all in all or not at all there is no mid way. & above all he lives on his own Income & he is a renowned Scientist in telecom also with many inventions to his name.
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May 15, 2013