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Cathy, I absolutely loved this post - so open and honest. I was a woman who overworked and also had an extra 30 pounds. After menopause and breast cancer, my husband of over 30 years decided he could not love a woman as old as he was and we divorced. I found it was better to be divorced and have friends who loved me than to have a husband who didn't and I am much happier. At 57 I developed a type of leukemia and had a Stem Cell (Bone Marrow) Transplant 3 years ago. I developed severe Graft vs Host Disease and as a result of treatment for that, I am dealing with various complications. I lost 50 pounds after the transplant (not the way to lose it) and have put 20 back on. I hope this does not sound whiny. My main point is that I try to find things to be grateful for each day. Embrace your perceived imperfections. I am so much happier than I was 5 years ago. Even though I get Plasmapheresis Monday, Wednesday and Friday every 3 weeks as treatment for one of the complications of treatment for Graft vs Host, am dealing with residual pain from shingles of a month ago, and fell 3 weeks ago and fractured my distal radius and ulna, I am grateful to be alive and have my faith and wonderful friends who help me (now a 60 year old woman). My unsolicited advice (actually this is not for anyone else, but is what I try to do): is to accept yourself, love yourself and your family, and be grateful for each day.
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Lisa, That is so pretty. Thanks for sharing. You always have the best ideas.
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Oct 16, 2010