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Bamboo, huh? Thought about it but never tried. Thanks, PottyMouthMommy. In our house, hubby is always the one who pushes for the "better" sheets. Me, I could sleep on rocks and wouldn't care. ;-)
Toggle Commented Mar 28, 2011 on Nice Try Soldier at BloggingDangerously
My dog runs up to him and starts her patented "I've never met you before but I love you more than anyone in the world!" act. This includes whining, growling, barking, sneezing, jumping 3.5' straight up in the air and trying to hump his arm. And it turns out he is scared of dogs. My latest blog entry at - 3/25/11: A Conversation With My Dog
BWAAAHAHAHAHA! Awesome story! Wish I had one to share but I was so emotionally immature for such a long time. Oh wait...I do have one that I can think of. Where would I send it to?
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Mar 23, 2011