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Sharon Outlaw Hillam
Snyder, Texas
52 & married to My David...finally!
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Another great post, Felicity, Thank you! At this point-in-time, we feel we have been "sent" here to Cedar Row Apartments, a low-income housing community, in a missional sort of way. While it's not exactly the same as your Rosa story--where you lived outside the area and helped Rosa "plant" a simple church in her sphere of influence--we're been taken out of our "comfort zone" (wonderful Lynchburg, VA) and placed among folks we would not normally have had much contact with. Interestingly, just this morning (prior to reading this post), David and I "strategized" a bit concerning our first "gathering" of sorts with four of our residents. (They're coming here to our apt. tomorrow at 3pm to view Tidal Wave and talk about this new thing we're about to start called "simple church." And, by the way, the apt remodeling was completed yesterday. Now all we have to do is furnish it!) And we agreed that, at least until we get a feel for where they are in their spiritual journey, we won't be doing any worship other than playing some worship music in the background maybe when they arrive. My, how far we've come since our previous "launch" two years ago. :-)
What an amazing story, Eva. Our GOD is so very faithful so supply our every need. Our story is taking a while to develop. :-) While living in Lynchburg, Virginia, the Lord spoke to my husband, David, one night in April, 2007, that we were to come here to Snyder,TX and manage an apartment complex that my mom and dad owned at the time. Their health was failing and they were no longer able to handle the business. So, in obedience, we left our lush, beautiful, almost-perfect-climate Virginia and moved here to hot, dry, windy, practically tree-less, small-town a 60+ year old apartment complex that was definitely "on the wrong side of the tracks!" Literally! Its history includes shootings, dead bodies found in dumpsters, drugs, you name it. And while my parents had made significant progress in "cleaning up the place"--both literally and figuratively--there was still MUCH left to be done. Much has happened here since we took over June 1st, 2008, including learning about house/simple church, attending two House2House Conferences, and even experiencing a small "taste" of house church with a group of folks who exited a local mainline legacy church in 2009. But now we find ourselves at the "waters edge", so to speak, of what we both sense is what all this preparation has been all about. We're a week--two at most--away from having one of our downstairs apartments remodeled...and we've remodeled it specifically so that we can have a buffet table large enough for pot-luck meals and a living area large enough to accomodate a dozen people AND have room for my keyboard and a small amount of music equipment. We've determined that, just like what we heard John White say at our first House2House Conference, we're not going to do ANYTHING unless Jesus tells us to do it. And just like we've learned from you, Felicity, we've taken on board that the Lord is already at work in the lives of all the "pre-believers" around us...and there are many here in the complex. So, our prayer is simply, "Jesus, what do You want to do here?" Two nights ago at around 3 AM I awoke. Wide awake! After a bit of prayer, He revealed that the time had come to start taking steps and then proceeded to show me certain things we were to do. (Later, when I shared all this with David, he agreed and was immediately onboard with everything.) The most significant thing HE revealed is that we ARE to begin praying specifically for certain "people of peace" here in the complex that we have been observing already have an openness to things of the Lord. In fact, I've already had an opportunity to pray with one young lady about some personal "issues" she was having. The message from Him today was clear: The process of "enlightenment"--the point that people start to seek God to the point that they actually commit to Him/become born-again--takes time. (We're reading some recent emails from John Fenn on this that are excellent.) And your blog posts, Felicity, have helped along these lines, we well. Even though David and I have walked with the Lord for multiple decades, we're into brand-new territory here. But it's exciting...and we know He's going to show up. He always does. :-) Prayers for David & I and the folks here at Cedar Row Apartments would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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