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Sharon Peckham
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This is the first post from your blog that I've read, but I'm excited to have found it - what you say rings true to me. I adopted Jack, a 1 1/2 year-old Golden Retriever mix from the humane society about 4 1/2 months ago. He has always shown signs of inadequate social skills around other dogs, so I took things really slow in getting him introduced to the dog park a few days ago, not to mention waiting until now to take him at all, allowing me to get to know his behavior better. He's done amazingly well playing with the other dogs the last couple of days, but today he was playing with one who kept biting his neck and holding on, even dragging him around a bit. The intensity was higher than I felt comfortable with, and Jack looked overwhelmed. I finally asked the other dog's owner to call him off, but she said that they were playing well and Jack was holding his own. I deferred to her judgment because Jack wasn't actually running or slinking away, but it escalated from there to a point where even the other owner was uncomfortable enough to say something. I broke it up and kept shooing the other dog away until he gave up and moved on to other things. I wish I would have read your blog before I went and that I would have trusted my instincts better, but at any rate I'm glad to find a source for good information on canine behavior. Thanks!
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Jan 2, 2011