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I'm a writer, a wife, and mother to three exuberant, internationally-adopted children.
Interests: I publish Whatever Things Are True: the Good, the Bad and the Beautiful in the World of International Adoption because I'm interested in child welfare, child rights and promoting healthy, happy families worldwide. I believe adoption is the best option for children who cannot receive care in their families of origin, and I support ethical adoptions that meet the needs of vulnerable children. My writing has also appeared in print editions of The Sun Magazine and Adoptive Families Magazine, and online at HuffPost Parents, Adoptive Families Circle, and Mama Manifesto. Look for me on twitter @sharonvanepps.
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Things have gotten pretty dusty here at Whatever Things Are True, as I've moved on to more mainstream writing and the occasional adoption-related speaking gig. I'm doing a slightly better job of keeping up with news and discussion on my... Continue reading
An excellent post from Maureen McCauley Evans about adoptees and suicide. I read this post this morning, and then this...Posted by Whatever Things Are True: the Good, the Bad and the Beautiful in the World of International Adoption on Thursday,... Continue reading
Dear Kindergarten Teacher- I am so not ready for back to school. So, so not ready. I wonder if you feel the same. As I scramble to get my kids ready for the first day of school, I imagine you’re... Continue reading
Residents of Washington state, where Ethiopian adoptee Hana Williams was murdered by her adoptive parents in 2011, are raising money to provide Hana's cousin, Haimanot, with lifesaving medical treatment and a chance at a college education. Continue reading
An Indian adult adoptee starts a crowdfunding campaign to help orphans in the land of her birth. Continue reading
Get your hankie for this post from the Motherlode blog at The New York Times about Elya Nauta, adopted at age 16 by John and Sheryl Nauta on December 28, 2012, just days before Russia's international adoption ban took effect.... Continue reading
An adoptive mother writes movingly about finding her Chinese daughter's first family. Continue reading
Pastor Jesse Butterworth's humorous video comparing adoption to a "boob job" went viral, but not everyone is laughing at his attempt to teach people how to talk to adoptive families. Continue reading
What advice can parents raising black children give their children that will protect them in a racist world? Continue reading
The Christian Orphan Care Movement has been under scrutiny for several years, and much of it has been unfair. At the same time, changes are needed to promote better outcomes for children. Check out this powerful and gutsy post from... Continue reading
Veteran journalist Marilyn Berger is not by nature an impulsive person. Her friends describe her as "measured," "very thoughtful," "an intellectual." Yet Berger, now 74, has fallen deeply, passionately -- and instantly -- in love twice in her life, with... Continue reading
I've got a new post up at Adoptive Families Circle where I'm sharing some resources I've turned to when I've faced challenges as a parent. The piece includes a mention of social worker Regina Kupecky, on the staff of the... Continue reading
As emotions over US-Russia adoptions intensify, a rift widens into a chasm. The Christian Science Monitor published an article yesterday describing how the issues around intercountry adoption have created the biggest rift between Russia and the US since the Cold... Continue reading
Russian officials retreated from accusing a Texas woman of murder in the death of a 3-year-old boy she adopted from Russia, as the cause of his death remained unclear. Russia late last year banned adoptions by American citizens, and news... Continue reading
As always, thanks for reading and commenting, Jessica. I really don't think EJ Graff intended the piece to come off that way, but I think that attitude that blames the "damaged child" is one of those ugly stereotypes that creeps in when folks don't realize it.
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E.J. Graff's piece on the murder of 3-year-old Max Allen Shatto for Slate advances the offensive stereotype of the damaged, demon adoptee. It's time to stop blaming the children. Continue reading
The Horizon program, which runs on Pennsylvania PBS affiliate WQED, takes a look at four adoptive families who are embracing the Ethiopian heritage of their children. You can watch the episode at the link. WQED Multimedia: TV :: WQED On... Continue reading
Bedria Williams, an Ethiopian adopted teen who ran away from her Oregon home last month, was found safe on February 9. Bedria's family made the announcement on their Facebook page without further details. All the best for Bedria and the... Continue reading
UPDATE: Bedria Williams was found safe on February 9. This story has been haunting me ever since I heard about it yesterday. Fifteen-year-old adoptee Bedria Williams of Oregon, who came to the US at age 9 from Ethiopia, is missing.... Continue reading
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EVANSTON, Ill., Jan. 11 (UPI) -- A couple from Evanston, Ill., are fighting to keep custody of their 7-month old adoptive daughter, whom South Korean officials say was adopted illegally. via Related articles Evanston Couple Fights To Keep South... Continue reading