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My question is complicated and probably requires more than a short post but I'm curious about it so I'll post anyway. When you explained the nature of warfare during the Norman England period, I was shocked by how few men were involved in battles, relative to other empires that I've learned about. The Romans, even during the time that they were confined to the Italian Peninsula, such as during the Punic Wars, supposedly fielded armies of tens of thousands. The Mongols during this period fielded massive, well trained armies that seemed to operate completely differently than the Normans'. I have a few hypotheses for this discrepancy: the combined population of Norman England was not large enough; the social stratification that created a warrior class necessarily excluded the average townsperson from participating. My favorite thought, however, is that the nature of warfare was such that war wasn't a question of existence. You mentioned wasting, but the concept of "total war" doesn't seem to exist at this time and location as it has during previous times and modern, i.e. WWII. The wars sound rather like a game of thrones to a noninvasive central power (by modern standards) that didn't actually affect the life of the average townsperson. I'd love to hear your thoughts on the issue. Thank you, and I truly enjoy listening to your podcast.
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Jun 18, 2012