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I realize now I had a similar moment where I learned to love to code. For me, I'm a web guy so I stick mostly to the realm of HTML, CSS, PHP, etc. The first version of my website was 100% custom html, which became unmanageable real fast. Version 2 I hated because I repurposed an existing theme in wordpress to do my bidding. However, I realized it wasn't wordpress I hated...I realize now that any project I've ever worked on which involved repurposing a pre-existing template I've hated working on. When I hit version 3 on my old site I said f*** the template, I'm making my own and I did. Ever since then I'm derived such pleasure from creating my own templates in anything I do. I feel much better now after realizing this! Of course I can't avoid working in templates forever, but knowing what bothers me and what I enjoy is a great first step!
Toggle Commented Jun 25, 2012 on So You Want to be a Programmer at Coding Horror
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Jun 24, 2012