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well ello there type pad... l0l how have you been meh well amma tell you about it...well the last few days the boy that i like has been giving me hugs and stuff like that like big hugs we hold on to each other for while haha TEEHEE anyway so am kinda sick of him haveing a girlfriend well am not jealous i just dnt want to get to the point that i want to goout wit him and he still goin out wit ******* Continue reading
Posted Jan 16, 2010 at Shashar24's blog
well hello again type pad!!!... well right now am just doin my science homework N pretty much it sucks haha...are techers give us to much damnn homework its pretty annoying...welll omg!!! I HAVE TO TELL YOU GUYS SOMETHING!!! today at scholl th is kid (well guy) that i lyke LYKES MEH BACKKK!!! :] I WAS so freakin happy when i hear that it not lyke it was a rumor or something he told his bestfriend thts a girl btw!! and shes my friend shes lyke "well am not goin to lie to you butt ------- lykes you" i was lyke... Continue reading
Posted Jan 11, 2010 at Shashar24's blog
uhhh..heyy type pad l0l yesterday i went to the movies 1-9-10 i went to go see sherlock holmes i was goin to do a kinda a review on it well its not goin to work out for me haha because i fell asleep on my dads leg haha i was tried and ever ything you can probably think of.. i was mad too because my dad took my phone from me 2 days ago i wanted to bash his head into the ground uhhh..even though i say i love him i still kinda hate him so all the stupid things... Continue reading
Posted Jan 10, 2010 at Shashar24's blog
okk well i have not been on in lyke forever butt here it goes haha.....well today 1/9/2010 oh and by the wayy happy new year...anyway back to the point today i had saturday school and i was pissed off about it haha the reason why i had it was for talking back to the teacher or whatever =) gulityyy it sucks so bad i had it for about 3 hours from 8:am-11:00am i was doin nothing butt stare at people and stuff haha and i did my homework and i read for a while... did you know i have been... Continue reading
Posted Jan 9, 2010 at Shashar24's blog
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Nov 24, 2009
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Nov 24, 2009
HELLO, let me intorduce my name ish shailey!!!!.. am 14 yrs old and live in the U.S.A thats all am telling you ...haha am in middle school ahhh!!!! i hate school and sometimes life but all the time so dnt call the cops...:D but anyway.... idk whyy i wanted to make this i just want to show every body my life and how it runs and stuff like.. i think it will be good for dnt you think I THINK SO!!!... also to show every one how am school ish like and life for a fourteen year old!!!...... Continue reading
Posted Nov 23, 2009 at Shashar24's blog
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Nov 23, 2009