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Jul 3, 2011
OH YEAH! So glad I went back to the SpellBinders site. I would have totally missed your awesome calendar!!! Love it!!
Can't wait to see!
It's cool to use non-traditional colors apparently... and I'm loving it!! It's modern and vintage all at the same time.
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I am so loving the non-traditional colors and the elegance of this card! After viewing some very creative "intense" projects, THIS makes me want to stop and go make some cards! Card simplicity at it's BEST. (I've bookmarked every blog so far in the hopes of going back and creating!)
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OH Oh OH oh OH!!! Stunning and Fabulous. I know it would be quicker to just comment "Oh beautiful it's great" but you must know that this is WOW!! And it's GREAT and I so want to recreate this project and so want to get my hands on these new dies. THANK YOU for inspiring me! Can't wait to finish this hop so I can go create.
If one where to look up the word "friend" in the dictionary; it should read "See LollyChops". You are a friend to be cherished. And to the women who sent in their creations...what beautiful random acts of kindness. I'm wishing I found this blog earlier so I could have been a part of this wonderful expression of love and support. {{{{{{HUGS}}}}}}}}
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Oooohhh you are fabulous. Just discovered you via Helmar FB page! You're now officially bookmarked and subscribed to. First I must say, (I'm guess teal is NOT your favorite color) but the teal bib necklace is stunning and it appears that Karma wanted you to create in teal. It's gorgeous on your sister with her beautiful hair. Second, while I love contests, it's not why I visit. But they're a wonderful perk! Having them posted on sister blogs or other places makes it very confusing for me. I'm off to poke about your blog some more. Think I'll go dig thru my flower stash, I know my eleven year old fashion diva would so dig one of these floral bib/necklaces. (She already steals my shoes, I'm sure she's eying my jewelry) Thank you for sharing and inspiring!
Toggle Commented Aug 17, 2010 on Crochet & Knit-A-Thon at LollyChops
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Whew it's only taken me ALL day to get here...I had to download and install firefox just to support typepad!! I hope this contest is still open and all is not in vain. Teresa, WHAT an amazing concept and idea...ideas are spinning in my head!!
I love this! It reminds me of my grandmother and my aunt. Both loved the color red. Grandma had a red linoleom floor in the kitchen w/ pink walls. Aunt Zelma had red shag carpet and a red couch... LOVE
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OMGoodness! Bonney Lake, now that takes me back. I'm sitting here, morning routine, reading my favorite blogs, and this entry jumps out at me (don't get me wrong, your ENTIRE blog rocks). I remember Bonney Lake being a very small community back in the late 70's..our family rented a very small trailer on the lake while earnestly trying to develope and build on another property. For what ever reason, plans fell thru and we moved to Missouri... I miss Bonney Lake. Have fun, enjoy your time and don't forget to do the "Puhallup". :)
Toggle Commented Jun 11, 2010 on GOING to Washington at TERESA COLLINS
How utterly COOL is that?? I'm so excited, I'm dragging out my rubon box and papers!
I so truely love your sketches...a springboard to creativity! And seeing finished results just gets the creative juices bubbling! I can't wait to play! Thank you for the burst of inspiration!
Toggle Commented May 11, 2010 on Build-A-Page: May at Prima
Holy Crap!! I won something!! That is SOO COOL! And just for running my mouth! Amy, my info is on the way!! Oh yeah, oh yeah!! Ooohh hoooww
OOoohhh I LOVE the color combination! And the stitching details is fabulous!! Thanks for sharing.
OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!! I'm stunned, I'm wowed, I'm, I'm, I'm... I WANT THAT!! Thank you for the inspiration and making me babble like a baby!!
Wow! Thank you. My seven year old daughter is also "on the spectrum" or ALL OVER the spectrum and while it's not "easy" (no child ever is) I'd still wouldn't change a thing. Thank you for promoting awareness of this challenging disorder. And anything involving Tattered Angels is always FABULOUS too!!! I can't get enough
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Mar 17, 2010