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Shauntay Larkins
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a god-damned chocolate souffle life analogy on thursday...amazing. i cannot state enuff HOW much you totally rock...plain and bloody simple. bring it on shauna--bring it on!!!LOL!
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well, last time i checked you were human. you ARE still human right? seriously shauna (and i don't say that often) when i found your book, i was actually looking for something, well, "serious" but when i saw the title, i felt it was EXACTLY what the doctor ordered. turns out i was right. so--thanks for being you.
Toggle Commented Feb 19, 2010 on Mojo Rising at The Amazing Adventures of Dietgirl
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(sigh) lucky brits/scots!!! ;p guess, i'll have to sit this one out! shauntay from usually sunny socal
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yay!!! a prize i can finally get into--LITERALLY! no more wearing 2 bras for me! thx shauna! you don't do anything half-arsed, do ya? cheers!
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now that i think about it--i'd probably sell out for a lot less...oh and shauna, you didn't mention whether or not sean has an english accent or heavy brogue of some sort--it could be either--i'm not particular. thx, from usually sunny so. california
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you know shauna (half-my-name namesake), simply put, you are bloggerific. i cracked open your book today, you know, for the "feck" of it, to a random page, started reading and just started rolling. i like to think of you as a little gift i give to myself from time to time. (like a gooey, nougaty, center in a piece of your favorite chocolate that you weren't expecting--only, well, better...) cheers & newcastle ale, shauntay larkins long beach, ca
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Jan 15, 2010