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The outrage that's lacking in this is the corrupt method by which the Center obtained the property. The outrage that's lacking is the lack of knowledge about the slave trade that is represented in Islam. (There's no monument to Charles Quantrill in Roxbury.) Considering the numbers that do not justify this edifice - noting that many came from hundreds of miles away, and from other "cultural centers" just to fill space - this should be looked at as what Walid Phares calls the "pregnancy period" of political power, whereby places are prepared for future Islamic citadels. The hypocrisy of Duval Patrick, not appearing for the sake of attending a military funeral and citing Obama's Edward Said pap from Cairo is even more outrageous. Obama, Patrick and most liberals have a visceral hatred of the military. None so blind as those who 'choose' not to see, nor deaf as those who block their ears. For those of us who believe in prayer, we may find that it is all we have left.