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Shawn Leetz
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I am a beholder of an AAS Degree in Interior Design from a CIDA accredited institution; graduating in May 2009. I agree with Nathan Bush, regarding the high concentration of education one receives at a 2-year institution. I believe I received a well-rounded and comprehensive education in Interior Design at the institution I attended. I also agree with many others replying to this article, that there is no substitute for experience; in any industry for that matter. Passing the NCIDQ exams may be a long way off for me; but I do believe that the eligibility requirements are a neccessary part of becoming certified. Interior Design is a blend of artistic and technical skills. A lengthy education does not guarantee employment or even that you will be good at what you do. Many people believe they are "experts" because of the degree they obtain; without any regard to the real life experiences they will encounter while actually on the job. The A&D industry has historically been plagued with ebbs and flows; it is the nature of the trade. How do we make it easier for graduating students to find employment? I don't think we can. Like any creative field, your success is many times dependent on who you know. To be considered for employment in Interior Design, as it is with many other industries in today's competitive market, it seems you need a bachelor's degree to get in the door. I don't see the harm in that; I myself am back in school earning my bachelor's degree. But as an adult learner, I have chosen NOT to purue an expensive degree in Interior Design; I could not justify the cost; and I figure I already have an AAS Degree in the like. So I am earning a BA in Individualized Studies; where I can focus on Studio Arts and Foreign Language. Will a hiring manager see the validity in my BA degree, even though it is not in Interior Design? I certainly hope so. I also believe that design is in the process of making a long right turn - one that is showing how design impacts everyone's lives. The philanthropic efforts in design over the last 10 years have been growing exponentially. The economy may not be great right now, but people are always in need of help and assistance. Find ways to help others; you may be surprised where your design degree will take you!
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Sep 13, 2010