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Glenn: That Barry McGuire clip is from the episode of "Hullaballoo" co-hosted by Gary and Jerry Lewis -- the latter of whom introduced McGuire as a young man with "something important to say," which should have been everyone's clue, yeah? The Lewises began the show with a duet of "Help!", btw, and ended by running roughshod over a number by Paul Revere and the Raiders. Worth finding should you have a bag of shrooms around. Shawn
Toggle Commented Jun 29, 2010 on Without a Hitch at Some Came Running
Um, Patrick? Wilt is number four all-time in scoring in the NBA: Ah well.
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PS: Is that a "Grandmaster Flash at the Wheels of Steel" nod at the end? Niiiiiiiice.
Nice, Glenn. Being younger both professionally and chronologically, not to mention as a West Coaster, I had only one brush with La Kael. Back when I was Senior Editor of American Film, I went to a very long lead screening of "The Grifters" on the Sony lot in Culver City. The only other soul in the room was Kael. We shared neither word nor glance, but when Mark Pogochevsky called me the next day to find out what I thought of the film, I said, "Hah: I'm not falling for *that* trap. You just put me down for whatever Pauline Kael said." Does anyone in arts criticism of or in any medium today have anything like that sort of effect on peers? I think not. In fact, I'm sure not.
(For the record, I've often recommended "Wagon Master," too. Sheesh. Nite nite....)
For decades I've been telling folks that "Wagonmaster" is just about a perfect film and I've gotten looks of puzzlement from even the most sincere cineastes. Then, after they see it, they have often gotten in touch to share their appreciation and amazement. I'm delighted to learn that it will finally get an appropriate treatment, and thanks, Mr. K, for this fine reminder of its many, many wonders (in such a small package, too...).