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Shawn Stone
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I'm confused: Is the young Miss Smith in favor of, or opposed to, death panels?
God, I miss Kirsty MacColl.
Toggle Commented May 22, 2010 on Floogarooh? Funagafel! at Whiskey Fire
"Where are you even trying to go if you "fly over" Syracuse?" Oswego?
"Cheezburger-class technology" This is what makes us the most powerful nation on EARTH.
The Friedman Unit of yesterday has been replaced by the Fuck-Unit of today. Progress! Douthat's sex-phobia remains the snickering embarassment of the NYT ed page.
George Fenneman! The ideal TV announcer. Those Shout!Factory YOU BET YOUR LIFE sets are terrific, I'm sorry they only stopped at two.
The chitlins sequence will need to be presented in glorious (inglourious?) Smell-O-Vision. And the audience will react with more horror than William Castle ever provoked.
Nobody worked a blackboard like Fulton J. Sheen, though Dr. Gene Scott came close. Beck is evidence of the decline of American Crazy. Not to mention that Glenn lacks the sartorial splendor of Sheen (dramatic, queenly capes) or Scott (cowboy hat, powder blue leisure suits).
Toggle Commented Oct 16, 2009 on Hang Up the Phone, Move on at Whiskey Fire
A Banana Splits movie would be excellent. Richard Donner could, again, direct. But keep Dave Eggers from pouring his feelings all over the story, pleez. (Written as a charter member, age 5, 1968, of The Banana Splits Fan Club.)
Toggle Commented Oct 16, 2009 on Recall of the "Wild" (Updated) at Some Came Running
"Everyone involved with the composition, editing, and publication of these three sentences should be shot." But first, they must be hauled before a Death Panel. THEN they'll be shot!
Toggle Commented Oct 11, 2009 on SCIENCE! at Whiskey Fire
"Since the most popular film in the US this weekend was about zombies, though, clearly, the American People's Most Cherished Beliefs involve zombies." This is factually true. Whenever a wingnut spews the usual gibberish (like "noun, verb, ACORN," as per Wonkette commenters), they remind most Americans of the Return of the Living Dead zombies screaming for "BRAINS."
I remember feeling horrified by TEMPLE OF DOOM when it came out, as I had loved the first Indy and was appalled by DOOM. (Where was Karen Allen, I wondered.) Those clips reminded me WHY I hated it. Loved GREMLINS, though. And GREMLINS 2, with Tony Randall as the voice of William F. Gremlin (so to speak), is genius--but that's for another day.
A couple decades ago, they used to show HOLIDAY INN every Christmas on WNEW-TV NYC (Channel 5, before it was Rupertized) and I never knew there was a blackface scene--they cut the whole sequence, probably right out of their print. I still prefer it to WHITE CHRISTMAS, which, while it isn't quite as ugly to look at as other Paramount color musicals of the early 50s, is still pretty horrid-looking in spots. I have to say I love WONDER BAR, except, of course, for "Mule." It's so sleazy, even for the period.
There's something deeply amusing about KLo calling Podhoretz "JPod."