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"Americans didn't cause the conditions in Germany in the '20s. Germans did. Germany started a war and lost. The United States came into it rather late. Why not wish this on France or Britain? They were much more your adversary than the U.S. in terms of time, men and material." For anyone interested in the background of these subjects I'd recommend two (academic) books. "Lords of Finance" by Liaquat Ahamed "After the Reich" by Giles MacDonogh Both books dismantle the myths of Germany causing the conditions of the 1920's as well as the myth that the allies (not just the U.S.; the allies include France and Britain as well) freed the Germans from the Nazis, to be more precise that this wasn't the cause why the allis 'freed' Germany. Both books make interesting food for thought and provide an intersting historical background for the context of this blog's disussion unless they will be discredited for being 'anti-american'.
Initially I thought this blog tries to serve the noble cause of creating an understanding how biased media is. To some extend it does, but to a much bigger extend it comes across as a never ending rant in the style of 'Look at what nasty things they say about us, and we haven't done a thing.' This is partiallly because it concentrates on only one issue, the German media's anti-americanism, and ignores the bigger picture of what causes this anti-americanism in Germany and elsewhere in the world. The American expat reader will no doubt love this blog, since many American expats are for the first time in their life confronted with criticism, and we are always much more hurt buy criticism that comes from outsiders. The ethnocentrism of the U.S. also results in many American expats resorting in rants of the style 'Why cant't they just be like us?' Which is of course the quintessential rant of 99% of any exapat. When I moved to the U.S. I was determined to experience the country with an open mind, but after years I'm disillusioned and appalled at how ignorant and ethnocentric the majority of the population is. At the same time I was also appalled at the level of anti-americanism amongst my friends and family back in Europe, to the point that I find myself defending the U.S. As I mentioned before it would make the blog a little bit more differentiated if the writers would examine the source of the anti-americanism instead of just pointing fingers. When people complain to me about the U.S. I usually tell them that they need to face the facts: The U.S. is the world's hegemony and that gives them the power to dictate to the rest what they should and should not do. It's really not novelty behaviour for a country that dominates the world. And of course they are going to be disliked and bashed for aggressivly pursueing their geostrategic interests and economic powers, nothing new either. The U.S. is really not the first country to go to war over these issues. And as for being ignorant I ask them to look at the map. The U.S is an incredibly big country and an American can lead a perfect life and have a good career without ever leaving the country, without the need of learning a second language and without needing to know too much about the rest of the world. The country really is that big. As a matter of fact, I found Chinese, Russians and even Turks to be equally ignorant about the world's affairs. It's just less apparant because those countries are not a hegemony nor do they dominate the news.
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Oct 13, 2011