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i saw a serbian film two nights ago & i enjoyed it very much. when i first read about it i felt a bit disturbed but i kept thinking about it & examining my feelings. in the end i realized that if a story that's created by another person's mind can disturb me, then i must be disturbed to some degree in the first place. whether you or me or anyone think that this film is good or bad is completely irrelevant to what i'm talking about. when i finally watched it i was able to disable my emotions about what i was seeing. i was also intentionally not in a state of mind to evaluate the film technically or artistically. what was my feeling by the end of the film? pleasant, soothing & as if some stress that was trapped in me had been relieved. in case you're wondering what kind of person i am i can tell you something brief. my number one priority in life is to give respect to everyone whether they are an asshole or a nice person. my way to get through to another person is to see that no matter how different we are, we are essentially the same when it's all stripped down to a basic level. i'm not a hateful person nor am i a nihilist but i do believe in constructive nihilism. a habanero pepper hurts when it's going down your esophagus but it's cleaning your blood. this film was like drano to my pipes. this film wasn't just a metaphor for serbia (i can't prove that it really was but you can't prove that it really wasn't), it was a metaphor for me in many ways about anywhere on planet earth where there are people, who because of their story since birth have become selfish, disrespecting & greedy. i don't think that this film is devoid of metaphors & that the people behind it's making are slinging non existent crap about it's meaning, but if that we're the case it wouldn't make any difference to me as far as how meaningful the film can be experienced. i can't prove it but i feel that the way to embrace existence is to understand why everything is what it is. don't be destructive to yourself or anyone else but when there is a force that exists, that is destructive, find your strength, direct it & destroy it.... if you have the strength to do that. at least give it your best & by all means don't hold back. this film doesn't hold back. i hope it's annihilating missile finds it's target in the selfish/greedy/power crazed human psychic ether and does great damage. alot of comments i'm reading here are filled with fear, unconsciously masqueraded with outrage or criticism. take that as a wake up call. about yourself.
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Jul 23, 2010