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Well, of all the climate scientists in the world, there is basically almost not a single one who says that there is no manmade global warming. They have all different theories about how much it is going to go up, but you'll have to look very hard for dissenting voices and so it is easy to understand, why the oil industry has said it will pay 10 000 USD to anybody who proves the contrary. They are desperately looking for someone to tell that that it's simply not true. Now, you could say, if almost all the scientists say there is manmade global warming, then there must be something about it. Well, but you could also say, it's all a bad bad conspiracy of the leftist science mafia (which doesn't exist, but who cares), you could say, they're doing it all just for the money (as if they received money based on the results of their research, which is bullocks) and then you could do the big salto mortale and state, that it is big money and the industry who are interested in results proving global warming, which is absolute nonsense, as it is exactly the industry who is for years and years trying to block any measures against global warming, and as the oil industry has even set out a prize for scientists who prove the IPCC report wrong. You could say so, indeed. But then you would only be talking ideology. Note from David: Interesting misunderstandings. I referred to "doomsday predictions", not to predictions of minor climate warming. Also, I didn't claim it's "all a bad bad conspiracy of the leftist science mafia". So - who's "talking ideology"?
It's really funny to watch how you desperately need to explain and prove to everybody who says he doesn't hate America that he actually does hate it. Of course you need to do so because your simple equation Bush hater = America hater wouldn't work out otherwise.
Why don't you mention in your review that Broder is a reporter for the bad bad news magazine DER SPIEGEL and that he regularly writes for the bad bad online version? And why don't you ask yourself this question: How can DER SPIEGEL hire a guy like Broder if it as bad and biased as you say it is?