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I followed a link to here from Our finite world, another good site detailing our delema. I have also known for a very long time that our population & way of life was not sustainable. First came "the population bomb" followed by the "Limits to growth". I decided back in the 1960's not to have children & aside from that, I'm also poor genetic material. Unfortunately, our rulers didn't listen to those scientist or even to carefully thought out reason. Any idiot should have known you can't feed growth with a temporary fossil resource & yet even as we are clearly headed for collapse, our rulers continue to demand more GROWTH! INSANE! We are an irrational species, we refuse to accept evidence that goes against our usually wrong beliefs. Now the media is full of happy news about "renewables", a RESOURCE DEPENDENT TECHNOLOGY! I know we cannot replace declining resources with a resource dependent technology & I only had a rather poor public "education", I was stuck onto the "housewife" road & I never married or had children.I am mostly self tought through lot's of non fiction reading as well as internet research. Most people are sure we can just "transition" to "renewables" or veganism can "save the world", to disagree leads to much disparaging comments & insults to my intelligence. I think I have more valid reasons to question their intelligence. Anyhow now I'm just trying to live as best I can, do as little damage to our ecosystem as is possible,I don't use pesticides or herbicides, grow native plants, feed the wild birds, provide them with nest boxes that for swallows at least, have been empty for years, insect collapse has hit here too. How much longer will we even have swallows?
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Dec 18, 2013