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Hi Martin Like this analogy a lot and think/hope I am bit of a virus in my institution - there still seems to be a lot of resistance but I am a stubborn little b*gger. Also very surprised to feature in the twitter list in Mark's comment. There are some names missing that I would have thought would have been in there, but maybe that's the point I'm not completely in the "inner circle". Looking foward to the book. Sheila
Toggle Commented May 12, 2014 on The Open virus at The Ed Techie
Hi Martin Another great post -really looking forward to the book now! I'm struggling a bit with the whole "open" thang just now. I sometimes feel a bit like I'm a character from Back to the Future or Dr Who or anyone who can time travel. I've come from the "the battle for open has been won" utopia of futurologists and the who's who of learning technology into an institutional context, where apart from a few solitary voices, no-one really gives stuff about open. It's just not on people's radar. They are in the classic way just to busy doing their day job to even think about it. So I think in my context I do need some (internal) politics to kick in. We are starting to do some "stuff" like develop an institutional policy on OER which is great and all that, but for anything to really get traction we are going to have play a political game. Anyway you have got me thinking so I will try and articulate this more on my own blog at somepoint too.
Toggle Commented Feb 18, 2014 on Politics of openness at The Ed Techie
Thanks for this post Martin, the mooc is dead long live the MOOC. I got an email from Sebastian this morning telling me about the "whole new course experience" designed "to make sure you succeed", this is "personalised education, tailored to your goals for learning with us and optimized to get you the tech career you want". He also thanks me for being "Udacious" (awesome!) and that I don't need to worry as all their courseware remains available for free - even the quizzes . . . Sheila
Hi Martin A really useful set of classifications, thanks for that. In my new institutional role I'm finding that open is still a very unknown category. There are elements of understanding and use but not a common understanding, but equally there are elements of very strong resistance. Explaining different types of open and of course context of use, is going to be increasingly important for me over the coming months. I think I'll be pointing lots of people to this post. Sheila
Toggle Commented Nov 4, 2013 on What sort of open do you want? at The Ed Techie
Hi Martin I can see where you're coming from, but it does worry me that these kind of models assume that learners can do an awful lot on their own. I your and Pat's comments are starting to address this, but I do think we may be continuing to create models continue to exclude those that "don't fit", the ones that need more non traditional support encouragement and engagement. MOOCs seem less and less revolutionary and more and more like the status quo. Sheila
Like both those lists! Thanks for sharing the link to my prezi Martin. The Newcastle event was really good as it gave an opportunity for discussion about why to run a MOOC from an institutional perspective. Sheila
Hi Martin Totally agree - just think of all the times there are complete disasters in face to face settings. We all need to learn from this and not stop experimenting. My own wee rant here
Toggle Commented Feb 7, 2013 on The MOOCs that ate themselves at The Ed Techie
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