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Florida & NYC
SArmy, Art, Heroes, Comics, ZQ
Interests: biking, tennis, painting, writing, music
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HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Zach ... lots of best wishes and loads of love and ...just have a great birthday! sheindie #SArmy @Sylars_Army Continue reading
Posted Jun 1, 2012 at Zachary Quinto
So fantastic! .... backers also came from @Sylars_Army aka SArmy :D .... can't wait to see photos.
Toggle Commented Jan 31, 2012 on No title at Zachary Quinto
Much love, respect and admiration go out to 'our' Zachary Quinto .... he's trending WorldWide!!!! .... maybe one day 'it' won't be a big deal ... hugs and proudness go out to ZQ Continue reading
Posted Oct 16, 2011 at Zachary Quinto
Absolutely - I would love an autographed print/s (actually the two) - the 'chest hair' and the 'how do you use the dvr' .... What a great idea!!! :D thanks. + w. $$ going to charity = WIN!
Hey Hey :D - look to your right, scroll down to SArmy - click and JOIN - Zach supports us + #ZQC Continue reading
Posted Jul 1, 2011 at Zachary Quinto
HI! ... all Zachary Quinto Fans - #ZQC #SArmy and more :D We're supporting a fave CHARITY of Zach's, The Trevor Project - please JOIN up +check out the AWESOME items in our CafePress Shop - Net $$$$ go to... Continue reading
Posted Jun 15, 2011 at Zachary Quinto
@Sunfell - I really like your dream - and he would do that! :D
Happy and Proud!!!!!!! #Sarmy Continue reading
Posted Feb 14, 2011 at Zachary Quinto
Check out SARMY - on right side near bottom - JOIN and post Continue reading
Posted Jan 29, 2011 at Zachary Quinto
If you've seen Angels In America - met Zach - have pics, autograph/stories etc etc - please post them here: :D Continue reading
Posted Jan 29, 2011 at Zachary Quinto
#ZacharyQuinto is getting raves in #AiA - Rock the 'ZQ is my Hero' Tee > Wear it to #AngelsInAmerica with your friends - How Cool would that be, having him see you all wearing it/knowing the $$$ went to one... Continue reading
Posted Sep 25, 2010 at Zachary Quinto
WOW! The 4 Year Anniversary of the SArmy Forum - JOIN SArmy/ZArmy - have fun! :D Thanks, Mabes Ashz22 Sel Pure.Evil and everyone who makes it so AWESOME !! Continue reading
Posted Jul 26, 2010 at Zachary Quinto
ARTISTS!!!!!! .... Help Zachary Quinto's Charities by submitting art to SArmy Shop - here are the Rules for Submission ... Our Shopkeeper can ONLY be reached via her FB A/C (Lee Sheridan) ... plse tell her you'd like to submit/donate... Continue reading
Posted Jun 29, 2010 at Zachary Quinto
How can this be bumped up? .... twitter is going bonkers w. tweets about Angels in America :)
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HI! ... remember that the SArmy site has forums and threads for posting pics of Zach, talking about how 'dreamy' he is and for meeting and getting together with thousands of Zach's fans and friends + Fan Fics and Vids... Continue reading
Posted Jun 5, 2010 at Zachary Quinto
Great Links!!!!! check 'em :D Continue reading
Posted Jun 3, 2010 at Zachary Quinto
#SArmy - now #ZArmy still going strong! Link in on the right at the bottom .... JOIN all the 'Cool Kids' XD Continue reading
Posted Jun 2, 2010 at Zachary Quinto
Neal is May 17 but I don't know Corey's ... you can ask him on twitter, I bet =)
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