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Thanks for the interesting analysis on this. Also thought the Democracy Now! segment with Matt Taibbi was interesting.
What I think about this exchange is that the right-wing discourse in this country is becoming so dogmatic that even a mild and gentle critique of capitalist institutions such as Reich's is seen as a threat, so they have to paint this gentle critique as equal to a ruthless marxist critique.
Well my response to that is if I use the word "Communist" then that automatically conjures up the image of repressive state socialism and Stalinism to people who don't have a real understanding of the term as meant in Marx and Engel's Communist Manifesto. On the other hand if I use the word "Socialist" then that gives me much more latitude to define the term as I want it to be understood. In my mind socialist and communist is the same, but it is how I communicate with others and how they receive it, that is the reason I prefer socialist.
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Mar 8, 2012