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@David Cartier "Linden Lab no longer has a physical presence within the European Union and I seem to recall that Linden Research is a Delaware corporation, so, except for those physically within an EU nation, I don't believe the majority of SL business owners need to worry at all about compliance with these particular EU regulations." However, they still have to abide by EU laws - I get charged 20% VAT (think sales tax) on my membership and tier payments simply because I live in the EU. With it's various cases against Google and Microsoft - it's not a stretch to believe the EU might decide that Linden Lab is responsible especially as data stored in scripts in greeters is on Linden servers. Ultimately, I think it will mean that the greeters that add you to a mail list without a choice in the matter will disappear and to be on the safe side, it took me 10 minutes to add a "Privacy Policy" for our venue covering the regulations.
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Apr 19, 2018