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Regarding the first post: I would argue that there is a fairly loose link between “culture” and the female labor participation. Female labor participation rates between countries with of cultural groups but comparable economic development are similar, for example, France and Japan. Conversely, participation rates between countries with similar cultural backgrounds but different political/economic conditions tend to be very different, for example, between North and South Korea. This should not be surprising. The choice between being employed or being a housewife is determined on the individual level with clear costs and benefits, so that once economic incentives are sufficiently strong towards employment then some individuals will be encouraged to buck the housewife tradition (even at the cost of some social stigma). Once enough individual have abandoned the tradition, the tradition disappears and those women for whom it use to be a prohibitive barrier to employment would then have no find work. Working women may then become the cultural norm and those who otherwise would prefer being a housewife would feel social pressure to seek employment. We already see this among certain groups in America. Other cultural practices, such as the definition of marriage, style of dress or the adoption of a lingua franca require coordinated action to change, and so are much more resistant to economic incentives then is female employment.
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Jan 6, 2010