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Shennen Bersani
Award-Winning author and illustrator of Achoo! Why Pollen Counts + the illustrator of many, many other picture books.
Interests: I love the ocean, drawing, and bike riding. I'm an avid reader, researcher, writer, painter, and traveler. Learn more about pollen, pollinators, bees, and allergies at
Recent Activity
Thanks June! Though all five are being released this year, it took more than one year to create all the artwork. As you know, next up for 2016 are elephants. :-)
Toggle Commented Jan 7, 2015 on 2015 and 5 New Books at Shennen Bersani's Weblog
Thank you June! I'm especially excited for Achoo! to be released! :-) And Butterflies holds a special surprise in it for you! hugs your way
Thanks Ms. J! I had a great experience. I hope the photos in the next post show you a little bit of how it looked.
June, when I hit the lottery one of the top five things I WILL do with the money will be to fly you and Mike to Florida to swim with manatees! No swimming is actually required, you wear a wet suit, mask, snorkel, and simply float over them and allow them to come up to you. They are huge and very gentle (vegetarians like us!). Thank you for the congratulations - I can't wait to send you a copy of Shark Baby!
Toggle Commented Aug 12, 2012 on Book updates at Shennen Bersani's Weblog
Hi Ann! I am delighted you are thrilled! My Home in the Cave illustrations would not have been as lovely had I not visited your caverns! My family enjoyed our visit very much and we plan on visiting again later this year. I highly recommend Lincoln Caverns and Whispering Rocks to any and all cave and bat enthusiasts! We drove down from Boston and it was well worth the trip. Thank YOU. :-)
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Mar 15, 2010