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South Jersey
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Oct 3, 2012
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Oct 3, 2012 Antonio and his gigantic butt thanks you for making the right call and choosing him. To reiterate, you have two outs, the bases are loaded, and Mike Stanton is up to bat. This is where you need to trust your catcher, and believe me, that's what you want to... Continue reading
Chooch thanks you for trusting him, it was a wise decision. Mike Stanton has made contact with the ball, and it's sailing towards right field...but here comes Hunter Pence. He's running...diving... HE CAUGHT IT! OH, WHAT A PLAY! The ballgame is over, you've won! Wow, what a way to... Continue reading
Are you kidding me? You shook off Chooch? How dare you. Roy Halladay now hates you, congratulations. Speaking of people who despise you, Marlins fans and Mike Stanton are not included in the list. Mike Stanton just went yard, and the Marlins have won the ballgame, 5-2. Posters.WS The lesson... Continue reading Oh, he looks like fun, huh? To reiterate, the bases are loaded, there are two outs, and the Marlins need one more run to tie it. Unfortunately for you, Mike Stanton is up to bat. He's the same guy who hit a batting practice home run under the giant... Continue reading
You're not going to like hearing this, but your defense has made some pretty dim-witted errors throughout the game, and sadly have allowed one run to score, unearned towards Cliff Lee. However, the bases are loaded right now in the bottom of the ninth inning, and Cliff is starting to... Continue reading
Well, I didn't actually think you'd choose this link, so I didn't bother planning out what would happen next. Why don't you go ahead and skip to the next part? Continue reading
You didn't even give me time to describe the situation, you just went ahead and hit back-to-back home runs! The crowd likes you. I mean, like likes you. *Wink wink* Why don't we fast forward to the next part? I think you've beat up these Marlins enough, don't you?... Continue reading
RUNRUNRUNRUNRUNRUN COME ON RUNRUNRUNRUNRUN Wait a second, your third hitter in the linup just hit a homerun! Don't slide into third, silly goose, keep running home! Alright, two runs just scored, nice work! Would you like to continue with your lineup and play the game, or would you rather skip... Continue reading
Decided to swing, did we? Well, it was a good idea, because you just got yourself a single up the middle, and now your second batter is on first base. *Cue dance club music* Fist pump like a champ, and go steal second base. Continue reading
SWING! Oh boy, it's sailing pretty quickly and has some height to it... Still going...still going...GONE. It's a solo home run! Go ahead and celebrate, you just got yourself an early lead. Ready for you next batter? Of course you are, click here. Continue reading
SMACK! Swing and a- Line drive right into the glove of first baseman Gaby Sanchez. Look out! Gaby gon' kill you! That's two outs now, better be careful with what you do! Here's the clean-up batter. The big cheese. The head honcho. You're down 1-2, you swing and... Continue reading
Decided not to swing, huh? Way to be a chicken and back out! Kidding, kidding... Hey, look, you're on first base now after the opposing pitcher drew a walk to you! It was a good decision not to swing after all. There are now two men on base with just... Continue reading
Swing and a hard drive into shallow left field! You're on base! Good call going with that hole in shortstop. By the way, how ridiculous did Greg Dobbs look trying to dive for that? Haha! Now that there's one man on base, let's try to get another, shall we? Next... Continue reading
You've made contact with the ball! It's comes Mike Stanton and- WOW, did you see that catch? Tough luck... Well, here comes your next batter, hopefully the Marlins are still distracted from that over-the-railing grab. Alright, here comes the pitch, ready? SWING! (Or don't swing!) Continue reading Cliff Lee thanks you for choosing him. Also, my heart just melted and I think I just heard angels singing. Anyway, it's time to start the game! My goodness, man! Your team is already killing these Marlins! Cliff Lee just tossed a fastball so fast that it traveled around... Continue reading
Kyle just learned that he was traded to Japan for a professional hot dog eater. You might want to go back and pick Cliff. Continue reading
Excellent choice! I would have picked that lineup, too. Now it's time to choose the starting pitcher! Here are your options for today: Clifton Phifer Lee or Kyle Rodney Kendrick. Continue reading
Welcome to the fabulous world of Major League Baseball. Today marks the first game for the Philadelphia Phillies in the brand spankin' new stadium in Miami, Florida, home of the much improved Miami Marlins (did you see them crush the Cardinals during their opening series? Wow!) As of this very... Continue reading
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Feb 23, 2011