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Been out again canvassing in Dewsbury, there is little appetite for Labour & all the signs from the canvassing returns look very promising, however it would be easy to get too complacent. I am hoping that vast swathes of West Yorkshire turn blue whenever the elcetion is called and whilst the national picture & the Ashcroft money is helping, a lot of the change is down to teh enthusiasm and motivation of the people who come out each week to campaign on the ground.
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Editor, Could we highlight the Telegraph story about Brown's plans to increase Council Tax by £200 to fund the NHS. See link
Toggle Commented Oct 6, 2007 on Saturday 6th October 2007 at ConservativeHome
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I agree with Jack Stone, there are still members of the older generation in my association that fit that sterotype. I count amongst my friends people from a variety of cultural backgrounds and agree that diversity enriches our british culture. I think until we, as a party, move on we will struggle to get the broad coalition we need to return to power, this surely needs to be our number one focus as the editor has said in the lead article this morning. The core vote strategy has been tried and will not deliver sufficent votes. I note that the Cameroon critics on this site blame Cameroon for the failure to be further ahead in the polls, actually it's the intolerant attitudes of the "Alf Garnett" brigade that dissuades people from supporting us. As an active Tory of 20 odd years I've often felt embarrassed by the comments/attitudes of some of our members, no wonder some people, whilst instinctively in support of our policies shy away from supporting the party. However the Bernard Manning/Stan Boardman analogy isn't quite right as this represented more a northern working class vote that was traditionally Labour, in places like East Lancshire & West yorkshire which has now moved to BNP in places like Burnley, Roachdale, Halifax, Huddersfield etc. Project Cameroon has correctly recognised that to form the next government we need to become more inclusive, more tolerant and recognise that society has changed. Some people on this site may not like it, but do they really want another 5 years of Brown?
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