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Jay Sherman
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Ya Know, You should really stop blaming everyone else for your issues. Youre 19, You can go out and get a job. You're considered an adult now and you should start acting like one. You have had way more things handed to you than I could ever imagine. I didn't have a quarter of the things you had. I couldn't even get someone to co-sign for a $3000 loan for a car. Grandma went out a completely paid for your car. Also, you didn't even have to pay your own insurance. Get rid of this "poor, poor me" attitude and maybe things will start looking up. You continue to find someone else to be at fault for your misfortunes. If you want something bad enough, then work for it. You had $6000 surgery done at no cost to you, when you could have instead used the money spent to go to school. Life isn't free, and the people that expect handouts never go anywhere. This is probably going to piss you off, but hopefully you'll take some of it in.
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Jan 8, 2010