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Sherri P
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I love free apps and use these two that were recommended by Julie FFB. Phonto to add words to pics and Fuzel to make collages. Thanks for the chance to win Cathy!
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They need to reward you, those tea people! After reading this post and checking out the kettle, I ordered it. I no longer make coffee at home and have been trouble getting the water temp right for green tea. I'd boil the kettle, and leave it sit, forget, go back to too-cold water, boil it, and start the vicious cycle again, still tealess! Ordered Wednesday, received Thursday, and I'm on my third round of tea. That kettle is awesome, and so fits my needs!! Thanks for sharing! I wish I had remembered to get the coupon from you, but I was just so excited, I didn't remember til after the order was complete. Another nice thing about this kettle is that it seems much safer for my family to use. Win, win all around! Adagio teas rocks! Thanks Cathy!!
Toggle Commented Mar 5, 2010 on Plugging away at Cathy Zielske's Blog
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