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Sheryl Winget
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And who was watching this child, no one heard her scurrying around while exiting the home thru the doggie door? Its a shame accidents like this happen its not all the dogs fault. The dogs should have been in an area where they were secure which I dont believe they were. If you know anY thing about dogs. They are pack animals. I had an incident years ago with 8 of my own dogs. It was muddy out the dogs were wet and dirty and were shut in the laundry room to dry. I had to step out for no more then 10 minutes when I returned 7 of the dogs attacked my basset hound and killed her. NOT ONE OF THEM WAS A PIT BULL....DONT BLAME THE BREED BLAME THE DEED! NOT TO MENTION THE ADULTS WHO WERE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE SAFETY OF THE CHILD. SHAME ON THEM!
Toggle Commented Mar 29, 2013 on Georgia toddler killed by dogs at KC DOG BLOG
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Mar 24, 2012