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Yes!!, I also get far fewer emails from Netflix - I just checked and I havent received an email from Netflix since Nov 18th. Also, I haven't changed email addresses and I havent gotten it in the spam folder either.
Does anyone know what happens on AppleTV when these Netflix issues occur ? This weekend I was getting a 'An error occurred loading this content' error however I'm unsure whether this is an AppleTV or Netflix issue.
As much as Netflix may want to see us switch to their streaming only service, this simply isn't going to happen for the majority of the public w/o current releases being available via streaming. Many of you have mentioned that the chart isn't applicable because there are price differences however I'm willing to bet there are more than enough people out there that would pay for a premium subscription plan which included the streaming of current releases. The fact that Netflix doesn't seem to want to do this opens the door for a potential competitor in this regard - just because Netflix doesn't want to use this business model, doesn't mean Amazon, iTunes, or perhaps a new entrant won't try it. I've used streaming on occasion (after I switched to using wired Ethernet and component cables from my Wii the quality is much improved) but its the "new" releases that really keep me interested in Netflix for the majority of the year. Until new releases are consistently available as they are on iTunes/Amazon, streaming will be a 'nice-to-have' and not a necessity.
Did they force the director to also take down the copy that was being distributed on the Internet ? If not, I dont see any harm in allowing it to be available on the Internet AND allowing for Netflix streaming. Why not allow for better viewership via Netflix distribution and also give users whom dont want to support DRM an option to download it on the Internet ?
Since sometime next year, Sony could send out an update to all PS3 machines via ethernet, couldnt they also do this for all PS2 machines as well ? Is there something resource requirements-wise (processor speed, memory, etc) preventing them from making this available on PS2 or do they simply want people to buy PS3s to have this functionality ?
I'd agree with the long tail, when members first join they want all those new releases but over time their interest in 'middle' and 'long' tail increases as they discover more titles...
I was surprised to see this happen considering Sony's stake in Sony Pictures/Columbia....I believe there was a past announcement indicating they were going to stream content from SonyPictures to Bravia televisions, seems like a bit of a conflict of interest...anyways, its nice to see that the wiser decision was made to offer consumers content from all studios by partnering with Netflix.