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I've been eyeing this pickled onion recipe from a local friend: but canning is so intimidating! I should "just do it"!
Toggle Commented Jun 17, 2011 on A New Love Affair: Pickled Onions at Aroma Cucina
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How exciting!!! Good luck w/ all of it (and it was 57 degrees here this AM -- I will send some cool if you send back some warm!) Today our fave are finally ripe! Got some beets and froze some peas, too. Also had to defend the garden from a rude man with an industrial mower! Don't mow over the pregnant lady and her garden, or there will be hell to pay!!!
Toggle Commented Jul 14, 2010 on Blog Break and News at Aroma Cucina
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I think I'd have a hard time identifying with the Iraqi food heritage. My mother is 100% Texan and always cooked Iraqi food when we had home-made (my father's preference), but too much fatty lamb is actually frightening to me. I think my current take on things is a variety of inspirations. Tonight, Italian inspiration. Another night, mexican (oh I love my fish tacos). Sometimes indian. Other times american (sloppy joes? OK!). Asian flare, greek, lebanese, etc. They all get fused together in the end, and it boils down to creating meals that are balanced, fresh, and will be enjoyed by everyone at the table (from the self-professed carnarian to the 3 year old who will eat himself silly on edamame). I feel fortunate to live in the age of information where we can learn about savory flavors from asian dishes and use that information when trying to balance the spice from an indian dish. Even at my son's school the chef likes to create a variety of dishes to keep the kids palates interested and inspired. We're proud of her - she's heading to the white house this week to represent "Chefs move to schools" - a movement to pair chefs with school kitchens so more children can have freshly prepared foods :-) Oh -- and our pea seaon is just beginning -- can't wait til we're swimming in fave and sugar snaps (the 3 y/o loves those too)!
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Wow. That's quite a flattering post, from where I'm sitting ;-) So many times a day I look around and think how lucky we are. And it's always nice to get outside validation... That domaine Drouhin is something else, isn't it??? We aren't quite filthy rich enough yet, but we are cellar members at Sokol Blosser and Archery Summit. Huge huge pinot fans. This week I am going to *make* time to go to the market :-) Even by bike! Early strawberries will be out - and sugar snaps, too! I just can't wait...
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